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The core principle of the “Smart Cooling™” technology is based on an adiabatic cooling process. The exchange of energy during, evaporation process of fine water mist produced by the adiabatic system lowers the temperature of the air entering the cooling unit condensers. The lower the temperature of the air entering the cooling unit condensers is, the less energy is needed to cool it down to a certain temperature.Read More


Kit for all types of coolers


To ease our product usage, we have developed a standardized KIT for all types of cooling units. The “Smart Cooling™” system works with all cooling unit types of different manufacturers, including such cooling equipment brands as York, Carrier, Train, Daikin, Lennox, McQuay and Read More


Product & Components


Our product combines high-quality materials and the latest technologies. “Smart Cooling™” is standardized and can be customized for any cooling equipment type. The quality of components ensures the longevity and tenacity of the cooling equipment.Read More

Where is economy


Find out why “Smart Cooling™” is so effective. We provide technical information that will help you understand how the product works, what causes its effectiveness and how it is calculated.Read More

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Fast and easy installation


A lot of work has been put in to develop a product that can be installed quickly and easily. Our product kit is standardized, and due to smart connection systems, it can be installed within few hours.Read More

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Case studies
See the actual operation results of the New generation intelligent adiabatic pre-cooling system “Smart CoolingTM”. World`s biggest companies save energy and increase cooling unit efficiency. See energy monitoring results, efficiency results, customer reviews.
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