SIET, Swiss integrated energy technologies AG, is leading hybrid cooling technology company that develop and implement hybrid cooling and adiabatic pre-cooling technology. Our engineers have been developing with a very high precision a unique product for 10 years, which increases chiller efficiency, reduces chiller energy consumption and protects chiller condensers: We provide the HVAC industry with precisely developed top quality new generation adiabatic pre-cooling system, components and solutions. Each adiabatic cooling system ‘Smart Cooling ™’ component is designed with great responsibility, attention and accuracy, which can be seen in results.

Quality standards for Swiss integrated energy technologies are very high, so in order to ensure results and quality, our product is designed for each type of chiller, chiller type and chiller brand. Our team brings together industry experts and professionals from both the HVAC sector and the energy saving sector – using hybrid cooling and adiabatic pre-cooling technologies.

Integrated Quality System ISO 9001 has been introduced to ensure the quality control of ‘Smart Cooling™’ products, which ensures a full quality control cycle in the design process, production process, technical support, aftersales process.

Our new generation intelligent adiabatic chiller booster ‘Smart Cooling ™’ are used throughout Europe, Middle east and the United States by well-respected companies and industry leaders such as Carrier UTS, Trane Ingressol, JCI, GEA, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Mars, Vodafone, IKEA, Phillip Morris, Blygold. Our product New generation, intelligent adiabatic pre-cooling system, ‘Smart Cooling ™’, is tested and approved in all continents and climate zones, more than 200 projects all around the world, Europe, United States, India, Africa, Middle East.

Our team is our valued !

Meet our team of professionals and industry specialists

Hans Goltz

Janis Strelits – Strele
International Business Development

Armands Mucenieks

Christophe Landais
Non executive director

Roger Hennekens

Herman Steentjes
Country leader, Germany

Luca Gallarate
Country leader, Italy

Aleksander Gulin
Production plant leader

Valentin Chernyatin
Engineering department leader

Laura Ozola
Marketing division

Julija Kaivane
Logistic and delivery

Oleg Strungevics
Quality control


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