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‘Smart Cooling™’ combines adiabatic evaporative pre-cooling process and condenser protection, mechanical air filtration. The new generation chiller booster, intelligent adiabatic cooling system ‘Smart Cooling™’ is mounted externally in front of condensers of the cooling equipment, thus the adiabatic process takes place before the mechanical cooling process in the cooling equipment. Using processed water ‘Smart Cooling™’ sprays very fine water mist that evaporates instantly.  WATER MIST DOES NOT TOUCH THE CONDENSER. This reduces the temperature of condensation temperature in the cooling circuit.

The temperature of the intake air passing through the adiabatic cooling system ‘Smart Cooling™’ system reduces substantially during this process, typically between 10 – 20°C, providing higher chiller efficiency by up to 37%.


New generation Intelligent adiabatic chiller booster system with 100%
condenser protection


New generation Intelligent adiabatic chiller booster system with 100% condenser protection

‘Smart Cooling™’ system product explainer video
Adiabatic cooling chiller booster Smart Cooling PRO10


If adiabatic system is used to cool condensers, it is crucial to protect condensers from corrosion and mineral deposit risk. To protect condensers ‘Smart Cooling™’ uses patented condenser protection membrane (pre-filter) which protects the condenser from water, limescale (calcium and mineral) deposits, dust, sun rays.  The membrane does not allow the water mist to come into direct contact with the condenser. It is self-cleaning. The special cell material does not create additional resistance to the air flow through the condenser. Special protective membranes (pre-filters) are mounted externally in front of the condenser, thus protecting the condenser.


New intelligent adiabatic pre-cooling system concept of the new generation intelligent adiabatic pre-cooling system ‘Smart Cooling™’ is based on an adiabatic evaporative cooling: spraying water using a very fine water mist to cool the intake air (evaporation process) in the condensers beforehand and doing it effectively without damaging the condensers.


Water purification also plays a very significant role, therefore ‘Smart Cooling™’ has a 4-step water treatment module which treats water: dust, limescale (calcium and mineral) deposits, algae and bacteria including (legionella). The pressure in the adiabatic system is from 70 to 140 bar and provides highly effective water spraying and evaporation, hence a significant reduction of temperature from dry buld to wet buld.


‘Smart Cooling™’ system control is provided by the new generation intelligent PRO 1 controller, supplemented by the ‘Smart Cooling™’ software, which ensures the operation of the adiabatic system so that it maximizes the effect with minimal water consumption. The controller analyzes the air temperature, air humidity, chiller load, daily cycle; due to these parameters, provides operating modes that result in 100% water evaporation, providing maximum efficiency.


The temperature of the incoming air passing through the adiabatic ‘Smart cooling™’ system reduces substantially during this process, typically between 10 – 20°C.


Such a drop in air temperature entering the air conditioning or air chilling unit dramatically increases the cooling capacity of the cooling system. By reducing the temperature of the air entering the air conditioning unit, the unit uses less energy, therefore becoming more efficient and cost-effective.


Our system is modular and is applicable to all types of dry coolers and chillers. All system components are designed in a way that product could be installed in the shortest time possible and would be reliable and long lasting.


Information regarding ‘Smart cooling™’ components more in detail find here.


Adiabatic ‘Smart cooling™’ system do not directly affect the way the air conditioning or cooling system works.

It purely provides a reduction in the temperature of the air entering the unit. This enables the air cooling system to function in normal mode rather than on the higher settings that would be expected to use in very hot environments.

Right below cooling equipment before our product installation and after can be seen.

Features of the ‘Smart cooling ™’ system:

  • Membranes

In our system the special membranes are used that reflect the sun rays, protecting the coil and radiator of air conditioner.

As a result, an additional increase in temperature of the air entering the air conditioning and cooling unit is avoided.

  • Nozzle panel

For producing water mist a special system Smart release technology is used that allows you to spray water droplets into very small particles. This provides substantial savings in water consumption.

  • No calcium carbonate risk

The water which is sprayed as  a mist to reduce the temperature of the air entering the air conditioning and cooling unit is processed with special biochemistry tablets.

The biochemistry added into water is an essential element that changes the molecule of plaque. Due to this, the plaque and corrosion are not formed on surfaces of air conditioning and cooling unit (when using the adiabatic pre-cooling system “Smart cooling™” only negligible amounts of water hits the surface of the unit). Using biochemistry ensures that the product is 100% environmentally friendly.

  • No Legionella risk

There is no risk of the presence of Legionella, because the adiabatic pre-cooling system “Smart cooling ™” is equipped with UV lamps, which prevent bacteria entering the water (including Legionella).

  • The risk of condenser overheating is eliminated

Avoid risk of cooling and conditioning equipment overheating. As adiabatic system reduces air temperature, that flows into cooling and conditioning unit thus reducing energy needed to produce the necessary amount of cooling power, risk of equipment overheating what can cause huge damage to the equipment. After adiabatic system installation cooling and conditioning units are no more working on full power to produce necessary amount of cooling energy. Adiabatic pre-cooling system Smart cooling ™ is compatible with air conditioning and cooling units of any manufacturer. It operates completely independently from the technological processes of the unit, providing only cooling of the incoming air.

  • Compatible with all conditioning and cooling units

The system Smart cooling ™ is compatible with air conditioning and cooling units of any capacity. Due to a special module assembly, the installation of the adiabatic pre-cooling system “Smart cooling™” occurs in one day. If the problem of the lack of capacity of air conditioning and cooling is expected in the nearest future or is relevant at the point, you already have a prompt solution!

  • Minimum maintenance

Easy and economical maintenance. The only action you should do is the monthly replacement of biochemistry (pills) that takes up to 5 minutes. It can be done both by a service company and a trained staff member.

  • Monitoring system

The adiabatic pre-cooling system “Smart cooling™” is equipped with a monitoring system of power consumption, allowing objectively determine the power consumption before and after installation.

The principle of adiabatic evaporative cooling illustrated in the ID diagram:



We offer several solutions to verify our technology effectiveness:

  • Read our reviews and case studies from of our existing customers, or you can contact us direct to discuss your needs and answer your questions.
  • Familiarise yourself with how our products work by watching our explainer video.
  • Examine the technical drawings and data that demonstrate the air temperatures entering the cooling unit before and after the ‘Smart cooling™’ installation.

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