Swiss integrated energy technologies AG are pleased to announce that from April 9, 2019, the new intelligent Smart Cooling chiller booster PRO 10 is available on the market.

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After 3 years of development, the new chiller booster model is updated by a series of improvements that will bring significant improvements to chillers. Pro 10 improves chiller efficiency by reducing energy consumption by up to 37% and increases chiller capacity by up to 41%.

The new chiller booster model Pro 10 is updated with new software that allows chiller adiabatic system to analyze chiller load, intake air temperature, and humidity. In addition, Pro 10 is equipped with recirculation of used water, which is returned to the adiabatic system. The water recirculation function provides very important water and energy savings. Pro 10 is also equipped with water purification option, mineral descaling, water sterilization from bacteria and 5-stage water filtration equipment.

Swiss integrated energy technologies AG invites all HVAC experts and HVAC engineers to cooperate.


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